Maryanne Butler

Advertising, Design, designer, vr





Maryanne joined Framestore London in 2002 as a Senior Compositor. In 2004 she joined the New York team as Senior Flame Artist working on commercial projects with Academy Award-winning directors Kathryn Bigelow and Scott Hicks, before leading J. Walter Thompson's revamped campaign for Macy’s. Maryanne has received two VES Award nominations for her compositing contributions on Coca-Cola 'The Greatest Gift' and FedEx 'Carrier Pigeon'. Maryanne's most recent project, 'How Nature Is Inspiring Our Industrial Future', is her first in VR and her biggest to date. The film was one of a handful featured as part of The New York Times VR Studio launch. Over one million New York Times subscribers received a Google Cardboard to gain access to the immersive content, which was produced as a collaboration between the publisher and brand partner GE.